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If you think you might be burning out, then you probably are.

Burnout leaves you feeling exhausted, cynical and ineffective.

It’s the result of carrying a heavy mental burden for too long, driven by:

  • Overwork;
  • A lack of resources such as time, tools or training;
  • Poor pay, benefits, and opportunities;
  • Conflict and aggression, or poor communication;
  • Lifestyle factors such as crises, major changes, debt, legal issues, caring responsibilities, and illness or injury
  • And a host of personal factors that can accelerate burnout, such as perfectionism, a lack of assertiveness, self-sacrifice, and over-responsibility
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Emotional mastery - your superpower for growing through adversity (online or in-person, 3-4 hours)

Why you must halt burnout now - even if you’re not burning out (yet)

Our culture drives widespread burnout and your work puts you at great risk of burning out.

So you must take action now.

Because unless you’re proactively using resilience and assertiveness strategies, you’re probably on the path to burnout. Even if you don’t have any signs or symptoms of burnout yet.

Put simply, a proactive focus on your energy and wellness can protect you from burnout in the future.

And if you are starting to feel the burn, the sooner you take action to recover, the faster and easier it is to make progress.

Leaving burnout to fester for too long can result in illness, misery, and being unable to work.

Burnout usually begins outside our awareness, where it subtly takes hold in our body and mind and erodes our ability to stop it.

Burnout eats at our energy, confidence, and wellness. And it won’t stop until we change.

But you can stop burnout

There are three foundations to stopping burnout:

  1. Prioritising your energy as the precious resource that it is
  2. Nurturing a resilience mindset, and
  3. Supporting each other (because resilience is a ‘team sport’)

These major burnout-busting strategies are the foundations of my burnout workshops and programs.

Start small and start now

If you’d like to get to know more about my approach, then stay tuned! A link to my other site called Burnout Breakthrough is coming soon.

Or if you are an action-taker, you can download my free Burnout Breakthrough step-by-step quick-start guide.

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Real People, Real Results

  • When I first approached Toni I felt powerless to make changes in my life. No matter how much I tried I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. Since completing our sessions I feel like my life is in flow. No more voice in my head telling me I can't do it. And if that negative voice does come up, I know how to acknowledge the thoughts and move past them.

    I can honestly say I am happier now than I have been in many years thanks to Toni's expertise.

    LW, Sunshine Coast

    March 2023

  • I started working with Toni at the beginning of May, after an awfully hard start to the year. I’ve done many years of therapy with many therapists and for the most part it’s been a repetition of my story… which kept me stuck with my baggage.

    Working with Toni was different, it was about facilitating letting go of the past and be able to remain present whilst welcoming the future.

    When having complicated trauma there are so many things that tie us and keep us suck and no matter how logical one can be, these triggers and nervous system deregulation can be so debilitating when it comes to move forward… Toni thoroughly helped me through that and I am nothing but super grateful that I’m now able to deal with issues without spiralling out of control. Total game changer.

    Toni is an excellent listener and there is a presence of her that you know you’re in really good hands. One of the things that drew me to her is how eloquent she is. You can tell this woman is smart and very knowledgeable on how to facilitate change.

    I’ve been recommending her to everyone I know as working with her has been absolutely invaluable.

    Highly recommend

    AC, Melbourne

    June 2022