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Hi, I’m Toni Knight.

I’m a psychology nerd based in Newcastle, NSW.

I have a four-year degree in psychology (Universities of Newcastle and Wollongong) and much post-graduate training in a variety of therapeutic modalities - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Resource Therapy (RT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Progressive Counting (PC), The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), Brainspotting, Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), and others.

I also have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy.

Toni Knight Psychotherapist, Author and Presenter

I specialise in helping people to stop burnout, trauma and anxiety.

I do this through individual and group therapy, workshops and through my smart weekly guides, called 'Uncommon Resilience.' aka. Uncommon Resilience: for peak performance. Would you like these simple, step-by-step guides to stop overwhelm?

My gift to you is my free, quick-start program for stopping burnout. Go here to get it!

Want to know more about my burnout workshops and programs? Stay tuned! A link to my other site is coming soon.

Want to know more about the magic of EMDR for resolving the agony of trauma? Go to my EMDR info page!

There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing someone reclaim their life after feeling completely stuck and suffering.

And I’m incredibly privileged to join my clients on their amazing journeys of change. This really is the most amazing work!

So here’s what I believe

I’ve never yet met a person who is defective, even though this is how people usually feel at the start.

But it’s not you that’s broken - it’s the old mental and behavioural strategies that are causing the problems.

When you change your strategies, you change your outcomes. You experience yourself, and your life, with greater energy and ease.

I call this Mindful Self-leadership. The state of being present to what matters most now. Flexibly and wisely.

Mindful Self- Leadership

This is a life that begins with being centred in your values.

We then add in the tools you need to live this life. This might include emotional mastery, assertiveness, self-efficacy, problem-solving and habit power, for example.

And the true prize when you live this way?

A life that is rich, satisfying and truly meaningful.

However that looks and feels for you.

This is my vision - a world where people everywhere are able to live according to their values.

And my mission? To empower people with the insights and tools they need to live valued lives.

One million people, to be precise.

Living an intentional life, powered by the clarity that only your values can give you.

A life of satisfaction, connection and meaning.

So with sound information, small supported changes, and some practice, you can achieve amazing things.

This is my passion, and with more than 20 years of experience, I’ve become good at it.

So please join us in moving forward together. We support each other in living valued lives and you’re invited!

And when I’m not doing this stuff, I like to hang out at the beach, make good food, read and talk.

Toni and Matt

My husband Matt and I spend a lot of time with friends in weird costumes. I won’t show you us in our Abba gear.

Real People, Real Results

  • Toni delivered an exceptional 3-hour workshop focused on resilience-building and burnout prevention tailored specifically for our allied health professionals. With a profound understanding of the challenges they encounter, Toni engaged our staff with insightful strategies to manage their day-to-day workload effectively.

    Her presentation style was not only captivating but also equipped our team with practical tools. The positive impact was swift, with our staff already experiencing improvements in workload management. I highly recommend Toni's workshops as a transformative means to empower staff in self-care and resilience building.

    Cara O’Riordan

    Service Manager Community Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy pool.
    Community and Aged Care Services, Greater Newcastle Sector.
    Hunter New England LHD

  • Toni Knight presented her workshop on self-leadership and optimising resilience to avoid burnout to our team of allied health professionals. Toni is an energetic and engaging presenter.

    The information she presented in the workshop was relevant and provided us with practical strategies. Great workshop!

    Maire Lucas

    IOT, posted on Google Business Profile