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The compact, step-by-step guide to getting ready for the
Rapid Results EMDR Intensive Program

Toni Knight
Author and Presenter

From overwhelm to peak performance
Anxiety, Burnout, and Trauma

Welcome to the Home
of Resilience
Values-Centered Living for Peak Performance


It’s hard to find the mental space to change when there are so many demands on you. You feel trapped by your endless to-do list and overwhelmed.

But it is possible to find satisfaction and vitality. Don’t struggle with this challenge on your own any longer. It’s way easier and quicker to take charge of your life with the support of a wise, experienced and caring professional.

For People Who Want Therapy

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EMDR Trauma Therapy

EMDR is a gold-standard trauma treatment, because it has been proven safe and very effective in putting trauma behind you forever.

I offer EMDR in a rapid format, so that you can put a major trauma behind you within a single week (or a Friday to Sunday - only three days!) Fast, effective, and you are back at work in no time, moving rapidly towards peak performance.

I also offer a free full strategy session with hypnosis after the EMDR reset, so that you can learn new mental skills that optimise your mindset for success.

Individual Therapy

I use a range of evidence-based modalities to help you move from overwhelmed to peak performance in a surprisingly short time-frame.

My many tools include hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, and Strategic Psychotherapy.

I have a focus on helping you to develop practical and powerful new mental strategies.

Because you want to do better, so that you can feel better.

Writing and Presenting

I loooove sharing what I know about burnout, anxiety and trauma.

And I want to give you my insanely practical (but brief!) weekly guides - a collection I call ‘For the Overwhelmed’. It comes with a free step-by-step, quick-start program for stopping burnout. If you want to sign up, click here [insert signup hyperlink].

I also do workshops (online and in-person) on burnout, resilience, assertiveness and emotional mastery. Fun without the fluff. Practical, not preachy.

Overwhelm can be stopped. Let me show you how, step by simple step.

Find out more information about my workshops!

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Real People, Real Results

  • I began my time with Toni struggling through the chaos of being a mum of 5… I felt lost, alone, defeated and that my mind was in a constant fight to find motivation and keep it all together. I was not sure anyone could actually help me or show me anything to get out of the place if felt stuck in.

    As I progressed through each session I felt less afraid of the possibilities of life not being exactly as it had been.

    I had more compassion for myself and more able to move with changes as they happened. I started creating new habits for myself and mirror healthier behaviours for my kids to see.

    Toni has a way of breaking down and explaining our patterns of behaviour, memories and the mind-body connection and influence these have on our everyday lives, so that it seems much less overwhelming to start creating small changes that actually have a big impact on our mindset overall.

    After my therapy with Toni, I continue to use the tools she has given me everyday to keep learning and growing and create the life I want. It’s not a perfect life, it’s a happier, calmer life that I feel I can enjoy now rather than simply survive.

    NT Gold Coast

    Oct 2023

  • Towards the end of 2023 I completed Burnout and Emotional Mastery sessions with Toni and a colleague. After the 5 sessions I was able to highlight a number of contributing factors of burnout, and particular strategies to support myself. …

    As an OT, I can’t recommend Toni enough for her skill and experience in providing tangible resources to improve, in a demanding industry. Toni listens with complete empathy, understanding and created a safe space to discuss our experiences. Thank you again, Toni. These skills have equipped me for a long career ahead.

    TL, Victoria